Creating your album

Creating your album

Creating your album

If you have got your album artworks and sound files ready in the right format, next step is creating your album in Artglider CD Producer.

Log in to your account and click “Create An Album” in the top menu. Enter your artist name, album name and upload an album cover. It’s size should be less than 1 MB. Ideal image size here is 700 X 700 px. If your image is too big, resize it on Pixlr or any other software. The ideal resolution is 72px. This image is not going to be printed on your CD. It is an image to be displayed on the website.

After you have select the image from your computer, click activate button. Wait until the green button changes. When the green button changes into a payment button, simply click on it and make the payment via PayPal.

After you make the payment, your album will be visible in “My Albums” section, but you can not order it yet. We need to finish a few easy steps to make this product ready for distribution.

Next step is to send your files. After we receive your files, your album will be available for order shortly and you can sell it anywhere including your site, Bandcamp, Facebook store and ship it anywhere.

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Artglider CD Producer – Easy and cost-effective solution for CD production and order fulfillment.

Written by Artglider team, Graphics by Freepik

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