Fulfilling Bandcamp orders

Fulfilling Bandcamp orders

Fulfilling Bandcamp orders

Bandcamp is one of the great places for you to sell your music. We have developed an online solution with which you can fulfill all your incoming CD orders in the comfort of your home. For fulfilling Bandcamp orders, all you need is a device with the internet and Artglider CD Producer.

Besides a digital version of your release you can also sell your physical products on Bandcamp. CD is the best collectable item for your fans and it is a source of income for artists.

You don’t have to order hundred copies of CDs at once and ship it to your customer any more. All you need to do is create your album on Artglider CD Producer and list your album for sale on Bandcamp.

Whenever your fans order a CD, log in to your Artglider CD Producer account and ship the item online to your fan. You are able to ship as little as one CD for a little price.

This solution can save you from big up front investments and stress. We do all the fulfillment, storage and shipping for you. This way our musicians and label owners can save lots of time, money and energy and they can focus on what they like most.

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Artglider CD Producer – Easy and cost-effective solution for CD production and order fulfillment.

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