Fulfillment On Demand

Fulfillment On Demand

Fulfillment On Demand

Fulfillment On Demand means that we produce exact amount of CDs needed when you place an order. The order can consist of one unit or more.

Imagine you have to store hundreds of copies of the same CD in numerous boxes taking huge amount of space in your office or your house. Imagine you look at these boxes every day and hope to find enough customers to sell them all.

With Artglider, these times are irreversibly gone. Artglider is based on “print-on-demand” principle, which means that whenever you have an order for one of your CDs, you just visit our webpage and have your CD shipped within a few clicks.

It does not matter whether you want to ship one or fifty copies. It does not even matter whether you want to have them shipped to the other end of the world. All you have to do is to log-in, choose the product, tell us where to send it and your job is done.

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Artglider CD Producer – Easy and cost-effective solution for CD production and order fulfillment.

Written by Artglider team, Graphics by Freepik

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