How to copyright your album

How to copyright your album

How to copyright your album

You can copyright your album but it is not as necessary as musicians in the beginning of their career think. We work with a good number of musicians and most of them don’t think it is a necessity, because thefts rarely happen.

But of course there are some benefits in copyrighting your music.

– Registering your copyright establishes a public record of your copyright.

– This makes it easier to take legal actions against an act of infringement.

But how can you copyright your album?

The U.S. Copyright Office can provide you with the information and forms you need. You can still can apply to this office even if you aren’t US based artist but your biggest market is in the United States.

Artists living in other countries can also apply to their own copyright offices in their countries.

To register an audio work at US Copyright Office, you need to fill out Form SR, send the U.S. Copyright Office a check in amount they request and send them two copies of your product.

You can review the steps and download Form SR from this link. You can order the necessary two units of your CDs from Artglider CD Producer.

Whether you register your album or not, Artglider offers a great tool for publishing your album on CD, fulfill your fans’ needs and distribute it.

Written by Artglider team, Graphics by Freepik

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