Starting to self produce your CD

Starting to self produce your CD

Starting to self produce your CD

Artglider has developed a great solution for musicians, labels and bands. If you are a musician or a band, you can easily self produce your CD. If you are a label, you can easily fulfill all your incoming orders with ease.

Our automated system accepts orders, manufactures, prints, assembles, packages, wraps and ships your product in minutes. Once you create your album, you can drop ship to your customers, stores, distributors or anywhere.

All you need is to sign up / login to your Artglider CD Producer panel and follow the instructions written on “Step by Step Guide” which you can find at the bottom of the page.

These steps include designing your artworks, encoding your music files, creating your album in the ecosystem and delivering your files. Once your album is created you can solve all your duplication and fulfillment needs in front your device.

Quick links:
Artglider CD Producer – Service Description

Written by Artglider team, Graphics by Freepik

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