Music Mastering

give your music a clear and dynamic dimension

our mastering engineers specialize in providing high fidelity
music mastering services

Let's make your music sound great. Assemble and polish your project so that it sounds best it possibly can before it goes to manufacturing and digital distribution. We master music of all genres and we test it in studio acoustics while it goes through professional compressors, equalizers, converters, signal processors.

Music MasteringMusic mastering is a profession

Techniques we use are Compression, Track Sequencing, Normalization, Balancing Left and Right Stereo Channels, Volume Leveling, Noise Reduction, Program Compression, Mastering Reverb, Tonal Balance, Peak Limiting, Input Maximization, Multi Band EQ, Dynamic Expansion, Fades (On Request Only), Stereo Enhancement, Bass Management and Output Maximization.

Mastering is the last step before distribution and this is where all final aesthetic or technical adjustments are made. Our professionals give your music depth and clarity, a balanced frequency and a wider, punchier sounding.

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