Fulfilling your Webstore orders

Fulfilling your Webstore orders

Fulfilling your Webstore orders

Your website is the best place to sell your music. If you don’t have a website, you can build one today.

There are lots of plug-ins built for every CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress and Drupal and you can install these plug-ins and start selling your album.

If you Google “Shopping Plug-in”or “Shopping Cart” and your CMS name, you can find free shopping cart solutions you can install easily. For example, these plug-ins are some of the popular plug-ins for WordPress: WooCommerce, eShop, WP e-Commerce.

There are also other alternatives. You can create a “Buy Now” button on PayPal for the items you would like to sell. Another solution is to sell your products on popular platforms like Bandcamp and link to it or embed it to your website.

It doesn’t matter which of the solutions you choose to sell your album as you can fulfill all your orders with Artglider. Whenever your for fans order a CD, log in to your Artglider CD Producer account and ship the item online to your fan. You are able to ship as little as one CD for a little price.

This solution saves you from big up front investments and stress. We do all the fulfillment, storage and shipping for you. This way our musicians and label owners can save lots of time, money and energy and they can focus on what they like most.

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Artglider CD Producer – Easy and cost-effective solution for CD production and order fulfillment.

Written by Artglider team, Graphics by Freepik

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