Artglider creates solutions and tools for independent labels and artists to ease their workload.

Artglider is a music solutions company. We mainly work with independent labels and artists all around the world. Other music people such as music writers, festival teams, venues, bloggers, promoters, DJs, radio stations and tour managers find our solutions very fruitful and use them.

We serve our clients with care.

  • Artglider creates easy to use, time saving solutions for music industry.
  • We minimize our clients’ problems by offering them ready-made services; easy to use utilities.
  • We closely work with our clients to build our future solutions.

We offer tools, technology and solutions to common problems of independent labels and artists which result in reducing their workload.

  • No matter what people want to create or achieve, they need tools. The better your tools are, the better you integrate them into your creative process and the easier you do your work.
  • Artglider creates platforms & tools and offers them to clients. Strategic plans and goals are established with ease.