Why CDs are still important?

Why CDs are still important?

Why CDs are still important?

A while ago… Well, maybe way, way back, the world was accustomed to CDs. They were the hottest thing on the market and everyone could be seen walking around with portable CD players dancing to the sweet tunes. Of course, one may not remember these times, especially since many years have passed. But contrary to what most of you might be thinking, CDs are still here.

Many people still buy CDs

cd fulfillment for musiciansAccording to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), there were at least two hundred and eleven million CDs sold in the United States as from 2013 to 2016. You might wonder, two hundred million? Really? Well, Yes. And do you know why? Because fans love physical products. It’s a pretty simple answer. In most cases fans like to have a physical reminder.

Platforms like Bandcamp proved that fans love physical products

CD Producer

Secondly, CDs provide a great emotional connection with fans. Having a physical way to reach your fans, i.e. a CD, allows you to have a more personal style and therefore it lets you interact with them. A CD allows fans to showcase their taste in music, as well as give them a feeling of ownership. For example, after a concert, when a fan comes to you for an autograph, which of the following is the best? An autograph on a paper or on your own CD? The fan will be most thankful for an autographed CD, of course. Even if the world is moving to digital content, physical content still give the highest level of connection with fans. As an independent musician producing music, CDs are still important to your fans as it is their way of interacting with you. Also, technology made it cheap and easy to produce your CDs.

It is a source of income for musicians, bands and labels

In addition to this, CDs are a way to create revenue. As stated earlier, America had two hundred million CDs sold. This gives a rough estimate of, let’s say, 55% of the total album sales that year. This proves that people still love compact discs and that it is still the most popular disc format. So for any artist or band out there that are considering marketing techniques, CD revenue should also be included in their plans. It is still a great way to create revenue for your music career.

Music sounds better on CD

sending music files for manufacturingMost homes have surround speakers used for music and movies generally. If the quality of a music file is bad, the music will not be enjoyable at all. Compact discs have a good recording bitrate as compared to some digital music. They offer high fidelity files which do not lose audio quality. For those people who would want to listen to high-quality music, this is way better as compared to some digital music.

There are still many other benefits of CDs, but the main point is that they haven’t gone extinct yet, nor are they scarce. Therefore, musicians and bands should still consider them as a way of music distribution. We all know that digital marketing has its own benefits and that the world is evolving technologically. But CDs are here to stay thanks to their unique format.

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