7 / 24 Website Support for Musicians, Labels and Artists

7 / 24 Website Support for Musicians, Labels and Artists

7 / 24 Website Support for Musicians, Labels and Artists

We differ with our customer service. What we want to achieve is to give all the musicians, label owners or any people in the music industry working with us the best service and hosting experience.

Artglider guarantees 24/7 support available 365 days per year. Support is available via our online Contact Us form, via our phone lines and live chat, and the web hosting control panel integrated ticketing system.

If you need support, you can contact us immediately any time from the Support Page or just inside your web hosting control panel.

We reply the tickets in 60 minutes.
Each ticket is replied to within no more than 60 minutes after it has been opened. 24/7 Ticketing support with 25 minutes average reply time.

We are on the phone when you need us.

Two USA telephone support lines are available from 4am to 8pm PST where we answer all the calls from all the countries. Additional UK and Australia telephone support lines are now available.

We quickly reply your emails.
Besides tickets and phone lines, you can simply send an email to us.

We are there all the time in the support channels, but most probably you will find all the answers you are looking for by yourself. If you need to find anything in the hosting Control Panel, the very first step you should take is to press the Help button, which is visible on each and every page. A context menu will appear. We made lots of video tutorials as well. Just go to your control panel and watch our how to videos. Besides the Frequently Asked Questions in the main site, you will find dozens of more questions with their answers in your Control Panel.

Weather you like DIY or via assistance, Artglider is the best web hosting service for musicians, labels and music people. If you don’t have your hosting account, sign up with Artglider today.

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Get Web Hosting Support – We are here 7/24 whenever you need us.

Artglider’s Web Hosting Service – The best way to run your music website.

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